Key coy on smacking law change

TVNZ 2 Aug 09

The Prime Minister is refusing to say if he will act on the results of the anti-smacking referendum. A ONE News Colmar Brunton poll shows over 80% of New Zealanders believe a smack should not be a criminal offence and just 13% think it should. Key says the test is whether the law is working. He says he has seen the most recent six-monthly report to the police minister and it shows there have still been no cases taken under the anti-smacking legislation. WRONG!

“I take referendum seriously, I’m not dismissive of it,” he says. “I’ve laid out the way I want to approach this, I think if the law doesn’t work, in other words if the law starts taking criminal cases and criminalises parents for lightly smacking their children, I’ll change the law,” he says.