John Roughan: Still completely confused

Whatever happens, the hiding has had its day
NZ Herald Aug 08, 2009

The men behind the smacking poll are so confident of its result they have prepared their next move. They have drafted a bill that would allow parents to use reasonable force for “correcting” a child’s behaviour. They expect the vote for their “good parental correction” to be so decisive that John Key will have to surrender his stated wish to leave well-enough alone. When they sent me the bill this week they said, “This is what government will adopt after the referendum.” So definite.
Family first Comment: John quotes email banter between us during the week – move over Nicky Hagar!!
But he makes some classic statements – especially
* “A smack delivered in the anger and frustration of the moment is likely to be a more healthy and harmless act, mentally at least”& (this from a yes vote supporter!!!)
* “Law cannot always be “clear” in the sense that it is immune to the imaginative interpretations of lawyers for the purposes of litigation or academic discussion.”
But then says
But judicial rulings, to my untutored reading of them, have a genius for resolving most things in accord with common sense”!!