Housework ‘makes British men more attractive’

Telegraph (UK) 03 Aug 2009

Experts claim that women are more attracted to men if they believe they will help out with household chores and make an equal contribution towards childcare. The study, which looked at relationships in 12 countries, ranked British men as the third most likely to win women’s hearts through their apparent commitment to domestic life. Swedes and Norwegians topped the table while Australian men – stereotyped for their love of beer, sport, and the great outdoors – came in last, rated as the least attractive in terms of pulling their weight around the house.

The Oxford University study examined marriage and cohabitation rates across the developed world and compared them to attitudes towards the roles of men and women at home. Researchers questioned 13,500 men and women aged between 20 and 45 from each country about gender, housework and childcare responsibilities. Based on their responses, each country was given a rating on an “egalitarian index”, which was then compared against the number of couples living together. The study found there was a correlation between the ratings on the index and proportion of citizens who were married or shared their home with a partner. Women in less egalitarian countries were found to be between 20 and 50 per cent less likely to settle down with a man.

The full list of countries’ rankings on the egalitarian index is as follows:
1. Norway
2. Sweden
3. Great Britain
4. United States
5. Netherlands
6. Republic of Ireland
7. Spain
8. New Zealand
9. Japan
10. Germany
11. Austria
12. Australia

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