Govt still backing cancer vaccine

NZ Herald 19 Aug 2009

Women are still being advised by the Government to use the cervical cancer vaccine Gardasil after a United States report raised some minor concerns about it. The vaccine blocks four types of the virus that causes cervical cancer and the reports show it mainly caused mild side effects in adolescent girls such as fainting, dizziness and nausea. There were very low rates of more serious problems after girls were given the vaccine. There were one or two cases per million girls of death, severe allergic reaction, dangerous blood clots or nerve injury that can cause paralysis. Health Minister Tony Ryall said the safety of the Gardasil vaccine was being continuously monitored in New Zealand.

A safety review published in the latest Journal Of The American Medical Association said 12,424 Gardasil vaccine recipients in America had suffered a number of side effects and even death since June 2006. Of those recorded cases, the study found 772 were considered serious and 1900 involved fainting.,21985,25955503-662,00.html