Fury over ‘they shake me’ baby T-shirt

Christchurch Press 16/08/2009

A baby’s T-shirt bearing the slogan “they shake me” has sparked an angry online response from parents. A complaint about the T-shirt was posted on the popular parenting blog Mamamia this morning, sparking an email and Twitter campaign against the company responsible, Cotton On Kids. “What the hell are you people thinking and how dare you try to turn children into the sickest kind of human billboards to advertise your smart arse and grossly insensitive slogans?” read the blog post on Mamamia.

“What’s next Cotton On? Kids t-shirts that say ‘My Parents Sexually Abuse Me’?” The subsequent flood of comments on Twitter accused the popular children’s clothing and accessories company of making jokes about child abuse and called for it to stop selling the T-shirts.
TAKE ACTION: Boycott their NZ stores and tell their head office of your intention http://www.cottonon.com.au/contact