Charity declines boobs on bikes offer

NZ Herald Aug 14, 2009

The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation has declined a $7500 pledge from the controversial Boobs on Bikes parade – prompting a rebuke from porn king Steve Crow. Mr Crow, the parade’s organiser, said he would donate $5000 to the foundation if he could get 100 women to participate in next month’s parade down Queen St and would add another $2500 if 100 men also got their tops off. But the foundation was unaware of the pledge and said it would neither accept money from the event nor endorse it, the Auckland City Harbour News reported.

Mr Crow responded in an email to the foundation saying he was “gobsmacked” it would refuse a donation from a “perfectly legal and valid source”. “What right do you, or anyone else in your organisation, have to turn down funding much needed by the women of this country?” He questioned whether the foundation had so much cash that it did not need money to help New Zealand women fight the disease.