Boobs parade offer called hijacking

Central Leader 19 August 2009

The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation’s decision to turn down money from the Boobs on Bikes parade has divided public opinion. Porn king Steve Crow planned to donate $7500 to the foundation if he could get 200 men and women to take part in the parade. The foundation turned down the offer and thanked people for their support over the decision. “We have been overwhelmed at the level of support from our valued donors and the multitude of calls from new supporters keen to work with us. “We would like to reiterate that our decision is not based on any perceived moral argument but from a conscious decision not to have our cause hijacked by a publicity stunt.”

Family First NZ also added its support to the foundation by pledging a $1000 donation. “The Breast Cancer Foundation has taken a principled stand and Family First would encourage the public to show their support by donating to the foundation,” says national director Bob McCoskrie.