Referendum needs no correction

By John Tamihere – Sunday News 19 july 2009

OPINION: NEXT month the country will be confronted by the smacking referendum. The question is simple: “Should a smack as part of good parental correction be a criminal offence in New Zealand?” You vote Yes or No to this question. The only drongos confused by the question are statists. A statist is a person who will manipulate the power of the state to achieve the implementation of their world view based on their values. The blunt instruction, direction and force of the state, backed by Parliament, police, courts and jails, is used to enforce their world view.

You have to hand it to those who obtained the right to actually run this referendum. Parliament’s clerk must approve the wording of the petition, and further, he must get a checked sample of 10% of enrolled electors to sign. This is a high threshold to overcome but has been achieved. The referendum should have been conducted at our last general election and would have saved over half the money being spent now.