Anti-smacking law waste of time

Newstalk ZB 11 July 2009

The head of a family lobby group says innocent parents are being victimised for the sake of a stupid law. It follows the latest police report showing minor assaults on children went up from 32 a month to 45, after the anti-smacking law came into effect. Family First Director Bob McCoskrie says non-abusive parents are being investigated and given warnings with less than 10-percent prosecuted, which he says is a waste of police time and resources. He says with such a small number of prosecutions it is clear the law is in the wrong and does not stand for anything.

Mr McCoskrie says the country is struggling with drugs, boy-racers and violent crimes yet police continue to channel their energy into stupid laws such as this one. He says we need to address the real problems which cause child abuse and not focus on a parent giving their child an innocent smack. Mr McCoskrie says proof that the law is not working is that the number of deaths related to child abuse have not gone down. Even Sue Bradford admitted the law was never there to solve child abuse which Mr McCoskrie says is further proof the law is a complete and utter waste of time. Mr McCoskrie says to tackle the issue of child abuse, the real cause of family violence needs to be addressed.,nrhl

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Bob McCoskrie, a spokesman for Family First, the promoter of the petition that sparked the referendum, said the latest police review showed the law was a “complete and utter waste of time”. “While the country strug-gles with the problem of the P drug, violent crime, includ-ing armed holdups, and boy racing, which is killing our young people, the police are having to waste time running around investigating parents who use a smack,” McCoskrie said.