Wooden spoon for kids’ baking treat

Herald on Sunday Jun 14, 2009

It is a highlight of childhood – clamouring around the kitchen to lick the spoon or mixing bowl while baking. But the agency charged with protecting the safety of food in New Zealand has now told parents that this childhood treat should not be risked. The New Zealand Food Safety Authority warned in this month’s edition of its Foodfocus newsletter that licking the spoon or mixing bowl had a “nasty bite”.

“It may be a traditional treat to lick the bowl and spoon when baking, but the New Zealand Food Safety Authority is advising against it after an outbreak of salmonellosis was linked to some brands of flour.” A salmonella outbreak last year led to about 50 people falling ill. Investigations traced the outbreak to a batch of flour, and a number of children falling ill after baking. The advice has been scoffed at by those contacted by the Herald on Sunday – and even seems to be ignored by the expert arranged by the FSA to speak on the subject.