Key dragged into centre of smacking debate

TV3 News 18 Jun 2009

Prime Minister John Key has been dragged into the centre of the resurgent smacking debate. As the controversy around the citizens-initiated referendum mounted, one of the organisations backing it last night called for a meeting with Mr Key and said it could produce evidence that parents were being needlessly prosecuted under the 2007 law change.

…In Parliament yesterday Mr Key said he saw no need to change the law. “In my view the current law is working. I’ve given New Zealand parents a commitment that if the law didn’t work I would change it. I stand by that commitment but I’ve seen no evidence to date that the law is not working,” he said. Family First, a strong opponent of the law, said it had the evidence. “We have a number of cases that have been made available to us of parents being prosecuted under the new law,” said Family First national director Bob McCoskrie. “These have been independently examined by a senior police officer who believes that they show the law is not working.” Mr McCoskrie said he was writing to Mr Key asking for a meeting so he could deliver his evidence.