Court ban over 8-year-old ‘stripper’

Sunday News 28/06/2009

A judge has banned a stripper associating with the daughter of her new boyfriend after a complaint the eight-year-old danced nude at her grandparent’s Christmas celebrations. But a senior National Party figure has backed the erotic dancer in a family court battle between the girl’s parents over custody. The professional stripper who cannot be identified for legal reasons formed a relationship with the father of the eight-year-old last year. The businessman had an informal custody arrangement with the girl’s mother, a primary school teacher, which allowed him to see his daughter every second weekend.

But the girl’s mother told Sunday News she approached Child Youth and Family after the eight-year-old began exhibiting “bizarre overt sexual behaviour”. The matter went to the Family Court, which in March issued an interim parenting order banning the businessman’s girlfriend from seeing the girl. The order permitted the father to see his daughter only “on the condition that [the child] is not to be in the company of [the stripper] until further order of the Court”. In her affidavit to the family court, the girl’s mother said of the eight-year-old’s actions at the Christmas party: “She started strip dancing in front of the family.