Rankin defiant over new job as family advocate

NZ Herald May 13, 2009

Christine Rankin says she has learned from her three failed marriages and will use her new role as a Families Commissioner to promote the value of “Mum, Dad and the kids”. Ms Rankin, 55, fought a legal battle against the former Labour Government when she was not reappointed as head of Work and Income NZ nine years ago after staging a conference costing $235,000. Now she is back in a key role, effectively charged by the new National Government with changing the direction of the $8 million-a-year Families Commission, which was a prime advocate of the 2007 “anti-smacking” law. Ms Rankin’s For the Sake of Our Children Trust helped organise a petition which forced a citizen-initiated referendum on the issue to be held this August.

..Labour leader Phil Goff said he was astounded at the choice. He said her opposition to the anti-smacking law was contrary to the formal position of the National Party and she was closely involved with conservative groups such as Families (sic) First. “She’s attacked groups like Barnardos and others that she’ll now be required to work with.”