Parents are to blame for the problems in schools, teachers claim (UK)

Daily Mail (UK) 05th April 2009

Teachers have attacked parents and claimed they are responsible for the problems in Britain’s schools. Dr Mary Bousted from the Association of Teachers and Lecturers blames parents for children arriving at school with problems and claims they often undermine teachers. In a devastating broadside, she accused parents of increasingly neglecting their childrearing responsibilities and expecting schools to step into the breach. Dr Mary Bousted of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers said children were arriving at school socially undeveloped.

She said that parents expect teachers to take responsibility to socially educate and control their children, and as a result, children were starting school unable to dress themselves, unable to use the toilet properly and unused to eating at a table. Dr Bousted cited one case of a mother who blamed the school when her 14-year-old daughter became pregnant and another who blamed staff for her 16-year-old’s cannabis habit. ‘We know that far too many children are behaving badly at school, even to the point of being violent to staff,’ she said. ‘This is horrifying enough, but it is hard to be surprised since many are just mirroring their parents.