Govt proposes courses for parents whose kids break the law

TV3 News 18 Apr 2009

The Government wants to force parents whose children are repeatedly caught drunk underage to take courses in becoming better parents. Police Minister Judith Collins joined officers as they patrolled the streets of Papakura last night. Ms Collins says it is disturbing that children as young as 12 are drinking hard liquor on the streets and at home.

..Ms Collins says some responsibility for the problem must lie with parents. “A lot of these young people are not getting alcohol from licensed premises,” she says. “They are getting it from supermarkets, and friends, and family and parents.” Ms Collins says the Government is looking at giving youth court judges the power to order parents whose children continually break the law to get mentored on parenting. “When you’ve got parents who are supplying their young underage children with alcohol, those parents are failing.” Labour says it is not a solution by itself.