Children roaming net as they please (Aust)

Herald Sun April 22, 2009

A MILLION Australian children are roaming the internet as they please, a new study has found. Almost four in 10 teens and one in 10 aged 4-7 also have a computer in their bedroom. The study found while eight in 10 parents control their kids’ internet use, only a third use filters. Twenty per cent had no control over their child’s online activities. Experts warn the study is a wake-up call for parents who “have their heads in the sand” on cyber safety. They add children as young as seven are illegally joining the Facebook social networking site, putting themselves at risk.

The March StollzNow poll, for the Generation Next parenting group, found only 42 per cent of parents checked the history of sites their children visited. Just four in 10 restricted computer use to shared family areas. About 38 per cent of teens, 15 per cent of kids aged 8-11 and 9 per cent of those aged 4-7 had computers in their bedrooms.,21985,25367369-662,00.html