Kiwi women falling asleep on the job

Herald on Sunday Mar 29, 2009

New Zealand women are in the midst of an exhaustion “epidemic”, with hundreds barely getting any shut-eye between working two jobs and looking after their families. Sleep experts say “supermums” are putting their health at risk by trying to do it all. Dr Alex Bartle, of the Sleep Well Clinic in Auckland, said office workers, people working indoors and shift-workers are at high risk of developing cancer, heart disease, obesity and workplace injuries by not allowing themselves seven to eight hours sleep each night. He sees between 15 and 20 new patients a week suffering from insomnia and sleep apnoea – where people stop breathing while asleep.

“Young mums are a huge issue because they are trying to be supermums and do it all at once. There are a lot more opportunities for women and plenty more are entering the workforce but doing all these things leads to all sorts of anxiety and sleep issues. I see a lot of women trying to juggle everything and it’s a huge problem,” he said.

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