Drug treatment for young people ‘should involve whole family’

guardian.co.uk 24 March 2009

Projects to help young people who are misusing drugs should work with the whole family, says a report published today. Drug treatment charity Addaction wants treatment for young people to be tailored to their needs, to be more flexible – and to involve their whole family. While the government and drug treatment agencies have been moving steadily towards the idea of working with the families of drug users, there has been little hard evidence of the success of such an approach. But Addaction’s report, Closing the Gaps, out today, provides just such evidence, according to the charity. It acknowledges the project is based on relatively small numbers of people – 386 young people and 341 family members – but says the results provide sound evidence for the approach. “For those interested in what works in this area, these results are really notable,” said an Addaction spokeswoman.