Teenage pregnancies soar for first time since 2002 (UK)

Mail Online (UK) 26th February 2009

Pregnancies among girls under the legal age for sex have shot up to the highest level in a decade, new figures showed today. The surge among girls under 16 dealt a fresh and devastating blow to Labour’s hopes of slashing teenage pregnancy by handing out contraceptives and spreading sex education. Despite nearly ?300 million spent on the campaign, the number of teenage girls who became pregnant in 2007 went up, not down, according to the latest count.

Pregnancy rates among girls under 18 in England are now higher than they were in 1995, before Labour launched its Teenage Pregnancy Strategy. But the s figures brought alarming new evidence that the failed attempt to cut teenage pregnancy by distributing contraception rather than discouraging teens from having sex is doing most harm to the very youngest girls.
Family First Comment: A year ago, the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) cited South Tyneside as an example of what could be achieved by fully implementing the teenage pregnancy strategy. The latest figures, however, show a massive 37.5 per cent rise in South Tyneside in 2007, with the result that the area now has its highest teenage conception rates since 2000. Source