Schools fear the worst as cash dries up

NZ Herald Feb 02, 2009

The first weeks of a new school year can be expensive for parents, but term one, 2009, could prove a struggle for schools as well as the global recession starts to bite. Secondary Principals’ Association president Peter Gall said New Zealand schools will be hoping families pay their “voluntary” donations this year despite the economy.
..Family First national director Bob McCoskrie said it was difficult for parents to receive expenses in one lump sum just as they were recovering from the holiday period. “It’s like that every year and I guess this year is going to be that much more trying.” He said the recession seemed a catchphrase for what families had been going through for the past couple of years as they deal with high mortgage repayments, increases in petrol costs and rising commodity prices. “Families have felt under pressure for a number of years and finally the experts have put a label on it. They call it a recession, [but] for families it is just unfortunately business as usual.”