Parents dodge paying $460m

The Press 07 February 2009

Thousands of New Zealanders living overseas owe more than $460 million in child support, and nearly a quarter are not paying any money back. Inland Revenue figures requested by The Press show that in December there were more than 14,000 Kiwi parents living overseas who owed child support.

..New Zealanders’ total assessed debt is $161 million and, with $299 million in penalty payments added, the total owed reaches $460 million. The spokeswoman said nearly 80 per cent of parents had arranged to repay their debt, leaving nearly 3000 who were making no repayments. The number of Kiwis caught dodging child support in Australia had risen from about 3000 owing $3.3 million in 2005 to more than 8000 owing $13.3 million in 2007, she said. There are 8000 Australian fathers living in New Zealand failing to pay child support.