Nudity challenges Palmerston North

Manawatu Standard 27 February 2009

PARENTAL GUIDANCE REQUIRED: Te Manawa’s first exhibition carrying a PGR rating opens tomorrow. Curator Nicola Jennings said the gallery wanted to encourage discussion about gender diversity. Bare breasts, artistically arranged nude bodies and what might be blurred sexual encounters caught on camera are hanging on the gallery wall at Te Manawa.

Assume Nothing: Demystifying and Celebrating Gender Diversity, Te Manawa’s first exhibition carrying a PG restriction, opens tomorrow. It’s a risk for Te Manawa, opening a PGR exhibition in conservative Palmerston North. There was furore in 2007 when the Erotica Lifestyle Expo advertised with images that included nude breasts on a billboard outside Centrepoint Theatre. Palmerston North mother Philippa Peck was incensed the images were out on the street for children to see