Caning pupils ‘can be effective behaviour control’

UK Telegraph 26 February 2009

Behaviour among children has got worse since the cane was abolished, according to parents.
Government research showed some mothers and fathers believed corporal punishment was an “effective method of control” when they were at school. They said the decision to outlaw physical chastisement contributed to a decline in discipline. The comments – in a study backed by the Department for Children, Schools and Families – come just months after a fifth of teachers called for the cane to be reintroduced to restore order in the classroom.

This week, a report by Ofsted suggested traditional discipline methods such as suspending hundreds of troublemakers at a time and banning children with shaven heads and designer trainers was a good deterrent. Corporal punishment, including the use of the cane and ruler, was abolished in state schools in 1987 and 1998 in the fee-paying sector.