Call to get prostitutes off streets

NZ Herald Feb 05, 2009

The mess left behind by street prostitution, including used condoms and syringes, has prompted councillors in South Auckland to call for a change in the law. Manukau City Council is to present the Government with recommendations it says will help cut the number of prostitutes on the streets, and the associated social problems they bring. Dick Quax, a Pakuranga councillor and Manukau’s community safety portfolio leader, said the recommendations were a result of calls from the community who have to deal with the problems. “The community has had enough. It’s not fun to come out in the morning and be having to clean up condoms lying in your garden and on the fence. Cleaning up condoms and needles – it’s just not fair.”

One recommendation is the complete repeal of the Prostitution Reform Act. Introduced in 2003, the act saw the legalisation of prostitution and brought in safety provisions – like the compulsory use of condoms – to protect street workers.