Kiwis rank vanity above family

Herald on Sunday Jan 18, 2009

Weight and looks rate higher among Kiwis’ medical concerns than the health of their children, according to new research. A survey of 867 women and 625 men by the Southern Cross Medical Care Society revealed less than half of the women questioned – 47 per cent – said their children’s health was among their biggest concerns. Men also put themselves first, with only 26 per cent of men rating their children’s health as a major worry. Other top health issues for women included fitness, stress, cancer and sleep quality.
Weight and appearance 52%
Children’s Health             47%
Fitness                            44%
Stress                              40%
Cancer                            37%
Sleep quality                   29%
Heart disease                 40%
Fitness                            37%
Weight & appearance    36%
Stress                              35%
Children’s Health             26%