Kiro’s term ending

Herald on Sunday Jan 25, 2009

Controversial Children’s Commissioner Cindy Kiro will finish her five-year term in April. The Ministry of Social Development has advertised the high-profile role, with an annual salary of $195,100. Critics have accused Kiro as being a toothless figurehead, but she has defended her record as an independent voice for children.
Family First Comment : Cindy Kiro has been openly hostile towards Family First, and in fact to any people who may have a christian faith – no matter how qualified they are to speak up. Apart from completely misrepresenting the facts in the smacking debate and mispresenting Family First’s position, last February she attempted to discredit the 300,000+ NZ’ers who had signed the petitions on the anti-smacking law by saying that previous generations of parents didn’t parent as positively and were less qualified in knowing how to raise their children than parents of today !!
We also would like to know why she was
– silent after the pathetic sentence handed down to the caregivers of Ngatikauri Ngati who abused the little 3 year old to death
– silent during the Trevor Mallard incident during the “It’s Never OK” Violence Campaign funded by the government.
– silent when the prostitution report from South Auckland was released last year highlighting the number of young teenagers prostituting themselves
– silent when Police refused to prosecute a 21 year old who got a 13 year old pregnant (after starting the relationship when she was 11)
– silent over the recent cancelling of the sentence for a woman who pleaded guilty to infanticide
– silent over the ultimate child abuse of abortion
….yet is more interested in the rights of children to be able to purchase spray cans of paint for the purposes of tagging, and wanting to monitor every child with a social worker as soon as they are born!!!

The problem is not just with Dr Kiro but with the office itself.  Children’s interests are best served in the context of their own family . Government support for children must be through their families, not apart from families. Any office or structure which even appears to separate children from their parents and families will be destructive in the long run – no matter how well intentioned. Laws are already in place which protect children in seriously dysfunctional families.

If the National government is serious about doing away with unecessary governmental spending , this would be a good place to start – rather than just cancelling a few conferences. So why are they advertising for a new Commissioner?????
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