Gay couple will be loving parents, says mum

Sunday Star Times 25 January 2009

An Auckland woman soon to give birth to a surrogate baby for two gay Australian men is excited to help a loving couple become parents, regardless of their gender. “One of the nicest things was I’ve had a letter in the mail from [the biological father’s] mother telling me how loved this child will be and how they can’t put into words what I’ve done for their family.” The 35-year-old single mum has a 10-year-old son to a former relationship and has been keen since then to have a baby for a couple unable to have their own children. “I think some people can do it and some can’t.” After failing to find anyone needing a surrogate among friends and family, she googled the subject and found the New Zealand surrogacy website,, where surrogates and intended parents could meet online. She talked to several heterosexual New Zealand couples about being their surrogate but nothing worked out. Eventually, she was asked if she’d consider being a surrogate for a gay couple from Sydney.

..While surrogacy laws are under review in Australia, it is illegal in many states, unlike in New Zealand. The couple had considered using a surrogate in America, where commercial surrogacy is legal, if they couldn’t find one closer to home. One of the men is the biological father and came to New Zealand three times last year, using artificial insemination with a syringe to impregnate her.
Family First Comment : Same sex adoption (through surrogacy) hurts children because it intentionally creates motherless and fatherless families. It s simply part of a push to normalize same-sex parenting. Same sex couples can love a child very well. BUT love alone is not enough to guarantee healthy growth and development. The two most loving men in the world cannot provide a mummy. Surrogacy and the rights of adults to be parents can also mean other people (children) losing their rights. The purpose of adoption is not to provide a child to a family but rather provide a family to a child . Overseas, the message has been just as strong – the Spanish Association of Paediatrics said “family nucleus with 2 fathers or 2 mothers is clearly dangerous for a child”, and  a multi-party Commission of the French National Assembly Jan 2006 – “the best interests of the child must prevail over adult freedom.. even including the lifestyle choices of parents.” Surrogacy simply adds to this ‘social engineering’ by deliberating denying a child access to the adults who created them.