TVNZ soap earns rap over homosexual scene

NZ Herald Dec 08, 2008

A homosexual encounter on popular TV2 soap Shortland Street has earned Television New Zealand a rap from the Broadcasting Standards Authority (BSA). It was the first time a complaint against the popular New Zealand programme had been upheld by the BSA. Balclutha man Lewis Cross complained to TVNZ about one episode of the programme, which screens five nights a week at 7pm. “The episode showed in rather graphic physical details, the developing of a potential homosexual relationship between two young men,” he said. He was appalled that “TVNZ is prepared to accept it is suitable viewing to show a pair of men undressing, getting into bed and one disappearing under the blankets to obviously start oral sex with his mate”. Mr Cross said he would “have had enough of a problem explaining to younger kids what might just be happening under the bed clothes if that had been a heterosexual couple”.

TVNZ argued that the programme regularly dealt with adult themes, and contended the same scene with a heterosexual couple would not have breached broadcasting standard.