NZ kids near top of world bullied list

NZ Herald Dec 15, 2008

Children in New Zealand suffer some of the worst school bullying in the world, an Australian survey has found. The survey, which featured 36 countries, showed bullying in Australia and New Zealand rated in the worst category. Australian primary school students suffered bullying at a rate of almost 50 per cent above the international average, putting it in the worst section. Kiwi youngsters and students from Kuwait, Taiwan and Qatar fared only just worse than their Australian counterparts.

Education Minister Anne Tolley said she had yet to read the full report, but acknowledged that bullying was a serious issue in New Zealand schools – an issue that needed to be addressed properly. “The previous Government has made half-hearted attempts at addressing the issue, with a series of checklist cards released last year. But it’s action we need. And holding up a card while you’re being bullied – well, that’s not going to work.”