Roadside testing for drugged drivers hailed

Wairarapa Times-Age 21 November 2008

Drug driving puts hidden killers on the road that only the law has hope of stopping, says Wairarapa AA chairman Handley Thomson. Mr Thomson was speaking yesterday about a bill to give police the power to do roadside tests  such as demanding a driver to touch their nose, walk a straight line, turn around, or stand on one leg  and to order blood tests for drivers who appear to be under the influence of illegal drugs though they might have passed a breath alcohol test. Leo Mortimer, Ministry of Transport land safety legislation manager, said a transport select committee heard submissions on the bill before the election and the draft law is now expected to go back before the House.

…Family First NZ has welcomed the proposed widening of police powers to test and arrest drug drivers. “Based on international experience, the extent of the drug-driving problem is far greater than has been acknowledged,” Family First NZ national director Bob McCoskrie, who made a submission to the transport select committee, said.