UN attacks Supernanny as it accuses Britain of ‘demonising’ its children

Daily Mail (UK) 4th October 2008
Reality TV shows such as Supernanny infringe children’s dignity, claim United Nations advisers. Such programmes invade their privacy and portray children ‘in a terrible light’.  It is one of a string of complaints set down by the Committee on the Rights of the Child. Members expressed concern about high levels of poverty, teenage imprisonment, public attitude to children and Britain’s failure to tell youngsters about their UN-guaranteed rights. The committee has previously urged the Government to incorporate its 1991 child convention into law, in the same way as the European Convention on  Human Rights was made part of British law under the Human Rights Act of 1998. However critics say the charter interferes with parents’ rights.

…The committee’s concerns and the need for Britain to adhere closely to the UN child conventions’ rules have been promoted heavily in recent years by figures like Cherie Blair and the English Children’s Commissioner Sir Al Aynsley-Green