Nats outline truancy crackdown

$47m for literacy and numeracy ‘crusade’
The Dominion Post 13 October 2008

National Party leader John Key has unveiled plans to crack down on school truancy by prosecuting the parents of errant pupils. In a statement outlining National’s education policy, Mr Key said the crackdown on truancy would also coincide with a call for every primary and intermediate school to report to parents in plain English about how their child was performing compared to national standards and other children their age. “The party will also get tough on truancy by prosecuting parents of persistent truants. It will also give schools extra resources to crack down on truants and disruptive pupils,” he said.

National’s previously announced education policies for the crux of the “crusade”. They include:
* setting national standards in literacy and numeracy which every every primary and intermediate school would have to be regularly assessed against;
* getting tough on truancy by prosecuting parents of persistent truants and giving schools extra enforcement resources;
* giving schools additional assistance for dealing with disruptive pupils;
* improving special education services by increasing funding for students with the highest special education needs, expanding special education schools, and encouraging satellite special education schools.