Mum Continues Fight for Custody of Her Daughter 20 Oct 08

Virginia woman who has overcome homosexuality could lose her biological child to former partner. Lisa Miller is continuing her legal battle for her daughter, Isabella. Miller left the homosexual lifestyle and became a Christian when Isabella was 17 months old. Janet Jenkins, who was Miller’s “partner” when Miller gave birth to Isabella, is seeking full custody of the 6-year-old. Miller and Jenkins are both native Virginians, but since they were joined under Vermont’s civil-union law and lived in Vermont for 13 months, courts in both states are involved.

On Oct. 27, the case returns to court in Vermont, where judges earlier granted visitation rights to Jenkins. Now, Jenkins is asking for full custody. “Lisa could be thrown in jail,” writes Rena Lindevaldsen, special counsel for the Liberty Counsel, which is representing Miller. “Isabella could be stripped from her mother’s care by law-enforcement officials.”