Kids hit by shift work

The Dominion Post 03 October 2008
Children of shift workers are spending up to 50 hours a week in care as their parents juggle work and home life, Families Commission research shows. Other children are bounced from carer to carer with some families forced to draft in grandparents to cover periods when preschool care is unavailable.

….Many said they found it stressful trying to coordinate their work commitments with looking after children, and family time was often at a premium. “[Parents] talked about the impact the work environment had on their parenting,” the report says. “They talked about missing important times with their children, such as meals and bedtime, and not being able to commit their children to activities like weekend sport.”

Deputy Chief Families Commissioner Sharron Cole said the commission would begin encouraging early childhood education services to offer care that was accessible to children of parents who worked outside normal hours. (!!!!) 
Family First Comment: So on one hand the Families Commission report acknowledges that kids are missing out on quantity time with their parents and unable to do mealtimes and weekend sport, and then the Commission suggests more services so parents can continue to work outside normal hours. Go figure!!!