Is it all over for Dannevirke’s controversial brothel?

Manawatu Standard 30 September 2008

Promiscuous Girlz brothel owner Teresa McGregor was uncharacteristically tight-lipped when asked about the future of her Dannevirke bordello yesterday. A conspicuous For Sale sign was erected outside the High Street premises last week, prompting rumours it could be the end of business for the controversial brothel – just three weeks after the grand opening. Yesterday, the previously outspoken Wairoa madam refused to discuss the reasons behind the sudden attempted sale of the old Public Trust building. “I’m just going to say no comment,” she replied to a request for an interview.

Dannevirke community board chairperson Ray Teahan said he, like most of the community, was “pleased” the building was up for sale. “Everyone is happy that it is not a success. We knew it wouldn’t work because the town is too small to support that sort of thing – everyone knows everyone.” There had been suggestions the brothel might relocate to another area of town, which would be a much more desirable option, he said. “It doesn’t need to be on the main street.”