Family values

Less than a month after the Sunday Star Times editor labelled Family First as ” religious extremists ” and ” motley fanatics ” and questioned whether ” you really want to get in the passenger seat with them ?“, they have done a feature article on us entitled..

Family values
Christian lobby group Family First claims it is fighting for a better New Zealand but critics say it’s an extremist organisation backed by American fundamentalists.

Comments include:
“(Family First’s) clever mining of a seam of public unrest has yielded political gold.”
“…Family First is successfully broadening the Christian agenda in New Zealand politics in a way never seen before.”
“Despite its claims to eschew party politics, Family First is helping to shape this October’s election agenda and promises to be around for the long haul.”

Despite not acknowledging the answer to their opening question (that the evidence proves we are not an extremist organisation backed by American fundamentalists!!), who the critics are, and a couple of factual errors and quotes out of context, it is still a reasonably balanced article.

You can read the full article HERE