Topless parade protest

Central Leader 13 August 2008

Women opposing a topless motorbike parade say they’ll form a human chain across Queen St in protest. City councillor Cathy Casey says she’s gathered a “small group” of women prepared to lie down in the path of the Boobs on Bikes parade. “What stand will the police take if there’s 10 women lying across the road,” Dr Casey asks. “Who’s liberty will they uphold then?”

Dr Casey says she hopes police will put a halt to the event before next Wednesday, but is prepared to take action if they don’t. “I find it abhorrent,” she says. “It’s not about women with naked breasts on Queen St, it’s about the purpose of it, which is to advertise his R-18 expo.” The controversial parade is organised by pornographer Steve Crow to promote the Erotica Expo.