Kiwi Party wants to rebuild role of marriage

NZ Herald August 11, 2008

The Kiwi Party held its inaugural national conference on Saturday and outlined core policies it will take into the election campaign. The Christian party hopes to gain 5 per cent of the party vote and get MPs into Parliament. It was formed late last year and its leader is former United Future MP Larry Baldock. Another former United Future MP, Gordon Copeland, founded it with Mr Baldock. Mr Copeland resigned from United Future over the law that bans smacking and now sits as an independent. Mr Copeland told the conference the Kiwi Party aimed to rebuild marriage as a culture in New Zealand. It would provide government subsidies for marriage preparation courses and parenting courses through to teenage years.

Other policies outlined included:
* Establish a Royal Commission to address family breakdown.
* Repeal the Prostitution Reform Act.
* Raise the minimum wage from $12 to $15 an hour.
* Introduce income splitting for married couples raising children.
* Make houses more affordable by releasing more land.