Court may decide today over Boobs injunction

NZ Herald August 15, 2008

A court injunction preventing pornographer Steve Crow from holding the Boobs on Bikes parade could be decided today. The Auckland City Council began legal action yesterday to enforce a decision not to grant a permit for the event, in which bare-breasted women parade down Queen St on open-top cars and motorbikes as a promotion for Mr Crow’s R-18 Erotica Lifestyles Expo.

…Mr Crow said if the court granted an injunction, the parade would still proceed and he would be prepared to be arrested “because, as I say, I think it is a breach of the Bill of Rights”. Councillor Cathy Casey, who initiated the court action, told yesterday’s city development committee that the parade had nothing to do with the Bill of Rights and freedom of expression. She said it was a blatant marketing exercise to promote the expo and use Queen St to sell hard core pornography. “If this council can’t control what goes on in Queen St, why are we here?” she said. All but one member of the committee supported the action. Councillor Bill Christian said the parade should go ahead for civil liberty reasons. Family First national director Bob McCoskie said the parade was “in-your-face sexualised nudity” and supported enforcing the bylaw to stop it before it happened.