Boobs on bikes tasteless but harmless, says judge

NZ Herald August 20, 2008

…Judge Mathers said it was not offensive per se for women to be topless and there was nothing to stop people riding vehicles down Queen St. “It may well be that the parade is tasteless but equally it may be that in a more mature society the vast majority might consider it harmless.” Judge Mathers said it was not a court of morals and it was her job to stick to the law. The case boiled down to a new council bylaw and a council decision to turn down a permit for the parade on the grounds it was “offensive”. Judge Mathers said she took into account the attitude of the police in not opposing the parade, the lack of any public disorder and the fact 80,000 to 100,000 had voted with their feet and watched the parade. “[That] leads me to the view that the bylaw is uncertain and or unreasonable in the way it refers to offensive,” she said. The judge also questioned the lawfulness of the bylaw and whether it restricted rights under the Bill of Rights Act.

…Family First National director Bob McCoskrie, who was in court for the decision, said the Bill of Rights had just stomped all over the will and right of families. “This is a free-for-all now. Any grubby parade can now happen on the street.”

Capital Next for boobs on bikes
Dominion Post Aug 20, 2008
A judge’s  refusal to stop today’s Auckland Boobs on Bikes parade will probably lead to more topless parades with a Wellington version already planned, porn king Steve Crow says… Mr Crow confirmed plans for a topless bike parade through Wellington on November 7 in the lead-up to the capital’s first Erotica Lifestyles Expo. Wellington City Council had not yet been asked for consent, but the parade would go ahead regardless and would feature a topless Prime Minister Helen Clark look-alike, Mr Crow said. “The ruling supports this, it is a legal event.”

Law change call after court throws out boob challenge
NZPA 20 August 2008
A legal bid by Auckland District Council to keep naked breasts off Queen Street failed yesterday and now conservative lobby group Family First is calling for a law change… Family First New Zealand director Bob McCoskrie today called for the Government to amend the Summary Offences Act and the Crimes Act to make topless parades illegal. “It’s time the law started protecting and putting the welfare of children and families first,” Mr McCoskrie said. “The current law is far too liberal and vague and needs to be amended.”

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