Schoolgirl `worked in brothel’

The Press 25 July 2008

An international student attending a Christchurch high school on a student visa moonlighted as a prostitute in a city brothel, a court has been told. The female brothel operator, 57, whose name is suppressed, denies eight charges related to the exploitation of two under-age sex workers. The counts include facilitating girls aged under 18 to provide commercial sexual services, and receiving payments from under-age girls derived from commercial sex.

..The first was a teenager who was attending high school on a student visa, and who worked at the brothel for more than a year. The accused allegedly received a percentage of the girl’s earnings throughout the year. The girl normally saw four clients per shift, but had as many as 14 clients on each shift. She also did outcalls and worked as a stripper. Her student visa prevented her from working legally, Currie said. “The Prostitution Reform Act was designed to protect people like her from exploitation,” Currie said. Four of the charges related to a second girl, 16, who police alleged was allowed to work at the brothel by the accused.