Kids binge drink? Might be your fault

AAP 20 June 2008

The drinking habits of mums and dads, rather than advertising or peers, have the most impact on a child’s future alcohol consumption. That is message of a new Australian campaign, which has the lofty goal of making the next generation believe it is uncool to get drunk… DrinkWise chief executive Mike MacAvoy said multiple studies locally and abroad show the way parents drink has a strong link to their children’s alcohol habits.

“Studies have found that parental role modelling has a strong influence on adolescent drinking patterns and that adolescents whose parents are heavy drinkers are more likely to start drinking alcohol at an early age,” he said. Mr MacAvoy said children form their attitudes well before they have had their first sip of alcohol. “Parents, as well as grandparents, older siblings and other people they are close to are the No 1 influence on their children,” he said. “So, the message of our campaign is: ‘kids absorb your drinking’.”