Drive to protect kids from sexy television music clips

Herald Sun (Australia) June 27, 2008

SEXY music videos could be banned from Saturday morning TV under a Senate committee proposal to protect children from inappropriate material. A Senate inquiry into sexualisation of children by the media yesterday called for a review of music video classifications and for the introduction of free-to-air TV channels for children. Warning labels could also be placed on teen magazines with sexually explicit content.

But parents’ groups accused the committee of being too soft on the advertising industry. The inquiry heard evidence that children were regularly exposed to inappropriate sexual material through TV, magazines and advertising. Witnesses were particularly concerned by sexually suggestive lyrics and choreography in video clips by artists such as 50 Cent and the Pussy Cat Dolls and sexual material in magazines read by pre-teens. In its report, the committee said that preventing the premature sexualisation of children was a significant cultural challenge.,21985,23928866-662,00.html