Mothers ‘want children with good manners’

UK Telegraph 02 May 2008

Mothers are returning to the values of their grandparents to teach their children old-fashioned manners, a poll suggests. They are keen to instil the importance of saying please and thank you, telling the truth, table manners and giving up seats for the elderly, it says. Three quarters of women polled felt it was appropriate to start teaching children how to be on their best behaviour before the age of three.

..The poll, published today, questioned 1,084 women on their attitudes to motherhood for the first Modern British Women and Values report for M&S Money, the personal finance section of Marks & Spencer. It found that mothers encouraged their children to say ‘I’d like’ not ‘I want’, to share with friends and siblings and to queue properly rather than push in. The survey also revealed that it is increasingly the mother who takes the role of the disciplinarian – a reversal of the traditional role. Almost half of those questioned felt that mothers play the leading role in enforcing household rules. Donna Dawson, a behavioural psychologist, said: “What the research has shown, and what I’m seeing, is that mothers today want to return to an earlier era, like the 1950s, when manners and respect for authority was considered an important issue.”