Lana pulls plug on TV for kids

Sunday Star Times 18 May 2008

Lying in the grass and finding cloud pictures has beaten 49 other activities in a new poll as the best thing to do with children. Everything on the top 10 list is free or cheap, doesn’t involve PlayStation, and isn’t advertised on TV. Nearly 30,000 votes were taken from kids and parents in a March survey through a website and print media.

The survey, carried out by a major soap company, rated activities involving mud at numbers eight and 10. Fourteen people who voted said that every kid under 10 should be allowed to go out in public dressed up as a superhero. The results were released last week alongside an international study of 1500 mothers which found 92% of New Zealand participants felt their children were growing up too fast, compared with a 76% global average. Just over 80% of Kiwi mothers said their children “often” played outdoors, compared to 60% globally, including in Great Britain, France and the United States, Thailand and Turkey. New Zealand had the lowest proportion of mothers concerned about their children getting hurt or being unsafe of all countries surveyed, and less than 1% said they worried about their kids getting dirty.
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