Study reveals shocking content on BET, MTV

Baptist Press Apr 14, 2008
Children who watched certain daytime shows on cable’s MTV and BET were exposed to adult content — including that of a sexual, violent, profane or obscene nature — once every 38 seconds, according to a study by the Parents Television Council. “We thought we’d seen it all, but even we were taken aback by what we found in the music video programs on MTV and BET that are targeted directly at impressionable children,” said Tim Winter, president of the pro-family watchdog group.

Delman Coates, an African American pastor and founder of the Enough is Enough Campaign to push for change and accountability from networks like MTV and BET, asked the Parents Television Council to conduct the study in order to increase awareness of the destructive images on television that are negatively impacting society. “It’s these images of black men as gangsters and thugs and criminals [and] black women as being hypersexualized — which are actually long-standing stereotypes of black people that have endured since slavery — that I felt really needed to be challenged,” Coates said at a news conference releasing the study. “And that’s really what it is, a kind of coarsening of American popular culture.”

“BET and MTV are assaulting children with content that is full of sexually charged images, explicit language, portrayals of violence, drug use, drug sales and other illegal activity,”
Family First Comment : This material can be viewed free-to-air in NZ on C4 , and also on Sky TV e.g. Juice TV etc. Broadcasting standards in NZ are failing our children.