Common food additives ‘to be banned by 2009’ to cut hyperactivity in children by 75% (UK)

Daily Mail (UK) 9th April 2008
A ban on certain additives in food could be in place as early as next year after research showed it could cut hyperactivity in children by a third and reduce anti-social behaviour. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) wants six artificial colourings to be removed from products after an official study branded them as damaging to children’s brains as the lead in petrol.

..A website set up by the Food Commission lists more than 1000 items containing the colourings, ranging from Pepsi Max, Galaxy Minstrels, Cadbury’s Creme Eggs and Haribo sweets. Their removal could lead to the total demise of some products such as mushy peas and Turkish delight, which the FSA has warned “might be lost to the market temporarily or even permanently”. In a ?750,000 study published in September, Southampton University concluded the E-numbers were significantly damaging children’s intelligence. The six colourings, including tartrazine (E102) and sunset yellow (E110), were found to be causing temper tantrums in normal children. Professor Jim Stevenson, who lead the research, said he believed they posed a threat to children’s psychological health.

..Leaded petrol was finally phased out in 2000, almost 20 years after researchers warned it was stunting the development of children’s brains.