Billboards on tapu topic accused of showing cultural insensitivity

NZ Herald April 10, 2008

Large billboards that leave little to the imagination have drawn complaints, particularly from Auckland’s Pacific community, which claims they are culturally insensitive. The billboards offer “longer lasting sex” to men with erectile dysfunction. They provide an 0800 number for people to get more information about “nasal delivery technology” from doctors at an Australian company, Advanced Medical Institute. Tongan mother ‘Eseta Funganitao, who has complained about the billboards, was shocked to see them when travelling with her young children in her car from Mangere.

Mrs Funganitao’s 12-year-old daughter and 11-year-old son had seen the “ugly ad”. “It’s not okay, especially when they are brought up in a Christian family,” she said. In her culture it was not allowed to discuss the subject of sex in front of a brother and sister together, and they would normally be separated for such purposes. “Sex is tapu, sacred, not to be discussed publicly.”

UPDATE: Sex billboard ruled to be offensive
A billboard offering “longer lasting sex” to advertise a remedy for male sexual dysfunction has been ruled offensive and in breach of advertising standards.
The board said it was of concern that before the billboard was released the Therapeutic Advertising Prevetting Services had identified it as being the likely subject of complaints, but this advice seemed to have been ignored.