Parents think Government does not value them

NZ Herald February 08, 2008
Two-thirds of parents feel the Government does not place much importance on their role in society. A Research New Zealand poll of 500 people for the Families Commission has found that only 33 per cent of parents feel that the Government sees their role as “important” or “very important”. The finding has sparked an $800,000 Families Commission campaign to make parents feel more valued and to give them useful information.Slogans such as “Parenting is the best job you’ll ever do”, and “Parenting is a complex task offering several different roles”, will appear soon on supermarket trolleys, bus shelters and other media. The advertisements will refer people to the Families Commission’s website, which has been revamped to include parenting advice and links to agencies such as Plunket, Parents Centre and Barnardos.

The commission’s chairman, Dr Rajen Prasad, said the Research NZ poll showed that parents felt, “We value our role as parents hugely, and we think our friends and family do, but we don’t think society does.”…… Bob McCoskrie of the Family First lobby group said parents felt undermined by Government measures such as the removal of reasonable discipline as a defence against assault charges.
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