Children’s commissioner condemns support of jailed mum

Sunday Star Times 17 February 2008

A pro-smacking lobby group has been lambasted by the children’s commissioner for supporting its “poster girl” mother jailed last week over an assault on her son, who was hogtied, kicked and beaten. Cindy Kiro told the Sunday Star-Times that Family First should be held to account for using mid-Canterbury woman Barbara Bishop’s case as a prime example of parents being justified to use force to discipline children. “Which good parent could ever think that was appropriate discipline? This is vindication that some people have no idea where to draw the line and that this sort of behaviour is untenable,” Kiro said.

……Family First national director Bob McCroskie denied holding Bishop up as the group’s poster girl. “The children’s commissioner has misrepresented us.”

Family First Comment: The Children’s Commissioner Cindy Kiro seems to be attempting to discredit Family First, and her comments are factually inaccurate.

Family First has never commented on this case (although we are aware of the history of the family), and based on the facts reported, completely understand and support the verdict. We are pretty certain that Dr Kiro has a case of ‘mistaken identity’ – but it does reveal her paranoia over our existence.

It is also highly ironic that the Children’s Commissioner wants us to be held to account, yet was…
– silent during the Trevor Mallard incident during the “It’s Never OK” Violence Campaign funded by the government.
– silent when the prostitution report from South Auckland was released earlier this year highlighting the number of young teenagers prostituting themselves
– silent when Police refused to prosecute a 21 year old who got a 13 year old pregnant (after starting the relationship when she was 11)
– silent over the recent cancelling of a sentence for a woman who pleaded guilty to infanticide
– silent over the ultimate child abuse of abortion
….yet is more interested in the rights of children to be able to purchase spray cans of paint for the purposes of tagging.

The bottom line is that childrens’ interests are best served in the context of their own family. Government support for children must be through their families, not apart from families. Any office or structure which even appears to separate children from their families will be destructive in the long run – no matter how well intentioned. Laws are already in place which protect children in seriously dysfunctional families.
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NB: this is our “poster girl” mother….
She currently lives in South Auckland – at her place.


Poll reveals backlash over smacking law
NZ Herald Sep 29, 2008
The anti-smacking law is still enormously unpopular, a Herald election survey has found. It reveals that more than 500 out of 600 people polled don’t agree that smacking children is a criminal offence. Sixteen months after the bill passed in a political compromise supported by Labour and National, the in-depth poll also found strong resistance and scepticism about the watered-down version of the law. The issue will be tested in a referendum next year, forced by 310,000 people who signed a petition organised by Kiwi Party leader Larry Baldock.

The Herald asked people from Cape Reinga to Fiordland the question to be put in the referendum: “Should a smack as part of good parental correction be a criminal offence in New Zealand?” Of those polled, 503 (86 per cent) answered “no”, 52 said “yes”, 28 were equivocal and 17 did not answer the question

…More importantly, voters see the anti-smacking law as just part of a broader breakdown of discipline at home, at school and in the community which leaves youngsters vulnerable to the violent “gangsta” culture.